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Why Shop for Books Locally?

A lot of people have asked us why we would start a bookstore in 2020: "with shipping behemoths like Amazon, you won't stay in business!" Since you probably had the same thought, here are some reasons for our opening that you can hopefully get behind.

1. Bookstores are community centers

Not only are bookstores a place to get books, but also they are centers of community engagement. We plan to have events, whenever again possible, such as poetry nights, an author series, resume building seminars, etc. Hopefully we will get to know you, so we can stock the books you love and run events you would attend!

2. Immediate Gratification

Unlike online shopping, going to a bookstore in person allows you to really see and browse your options. Plus you won't have to wait a few days to read it, since it'll be in your hands! Of course, if you prefer a book we don't carry, we can order it for you, or you can use our affiliates, Bookshop (ships physical books directly to you door) or Libro (for Audiobooks on your smart devices). 

3. Not just a bookstore...

We have coffee, gifts, puzzles and more! Come use our free WiFi and comfortable nooks to work on schoolwork or your job -- and remember we offer tutoring services, as well.

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Our Team

Currently, we have about five members on our team, composed of both tutors and booksellers. We are still growing, so our members may change from time to time. Below are a few friendly faces!


has multiple years of experience as a teacher and youth worker. She works primarily with younger students in Reading and English, as well as in Mathematics and ESL. She is a graduate of Clark University specializing in education studies and has served as a college advisor and tutor. She is always happy to help high school students with their applications and SAT work.

Kate McNicholas


Emily Lunger

is currently a senior at Pomona College double majoring in Anthropology and French. After graduating, she plans on becoming a teacher and has experience tutoring English, French, and mathematics and teaching in preschools.

Eric Flora

Is the owner of Sage's. He studied at Princeton University and graduated with honors. He is currently an English teacher at Blair Academy. He has experience primarily with middle and high school students, tutoring in reading comprehension and in physics.

Cameron McKenzie

Is Sage's primary Math and Science tutor. He studied Chemical & Biological Engineering at Princeton University. He has been tutoring mathematics at all levels and SAT/ACT preparation for the more than five years