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The best way to learn about our books is to come into the store! Here are a few notes about our book orders:

If we don't have a title in stock, we can most likely order it for you. Orders tend to arrive within a week. Please email us at to inquire about book orders, or fill out the form below.

Lastly, we have a partnership with Bookshop, who will send books directly to your home (if we are out of stock, don't carry a title, or you live too far away to come into Sage's yourself):

Book of the Month Program

Sign-up for hand-selected books, personalized for you each month! Fill out this form to get the process started.

Monthly            $15  

Yearly              $190   (Includes a 13th book!)

* prices are for in-store pick-up. Delivery would add a $5 fee per month


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